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Cake waffle glazed "Hazelnut"

Гаспарон Фундук

This unique dessert is the base for all our products. We created it 20 years ago, and since then it has become a true symbol of the Kharkov confectionery, as well as the favorite delicacy of the residents of the city.

The "Hazelnut" bar contains only natural products, among which the hazelnut is especially distinguished. Today, the energy value, naturalness and stunning taste of "Hazelnut" upgraded it from the category of desserts to the category of high-grade nutritious food. Children take this bar to school, it is eaten by students to restore their strength and mental abilities, by managers in their offices and many other people in other places have a snack with it.

When Kharkovites want to say "delicious waffle", they say "Polus"!

Product weight: 60 g.