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Wafers moulded  "Choco-Shocks" with hazelnuts

Wafers moulded  "Choco-Shocks" with hazelnuts

Wafers moulded "Choco-Shocks" with hazelnut and condensed milk are an excellent dessert for those who like a lot of filling in a compact format. Delicate wafer cells are filled with milk chocolate, natural hazelnuts and real condensed milk. Such a number of delicious and useful components will just make you feel giddy!

The wafers are covered with a layer of glaze at the top, which preserves the tenderness of the delicacy for a long time. Taste "Choco-Shoks" if you want to experience a new world of taste sensations!

Product Weight: 40 g.

PC per CT: 60 pcs.